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We have gathered some cool yet interesting toys that you really need to know about!

Kid’s 360 Spinning Bumper Car ( $184 at the time of publication )

If you want your kids to stay away from the screen and play outdoors, this 360-degree rotating bumper car is your best choice. This very interesting bumper car is equipped with a simple joystick control device, which can be turned easily and can be fully charged.

With simplified joystick control and a top speed of 0.75 mph, this 6v rotating electric car seems to be a great choice.

It is an ASTM-certified bumper car, it consists of seat belts, flat tires, and lights and is recommended for children one and a half years old but still adult supervision is required.

No assembly is required, just plug in the battery cable, and you can use it right out of the box. You can customize your racing number as well (00-99).

8.5 Reviewer
Easy to use, Safety features, Durability & Flashing lights
Only suitable for ages:18-96 months, Adult supervision is required

Living Garden Fort ( $75 at the time of publication )

By building a fort in your own backyard, let your children spend more time playing outdoors rather than spending time on the screen which actually might have adverse effects on kids. This living garden fortress kit is equipped with everything needed to build a charming and environmentally friendly fortress with a beautiful and lively plant wall.

Let your children build a fortress made of plants in your backyard and teach childrens about gardening. Kits that you only need is 58″framework, netting, and two types of seeds-sweet pea and scarlet runner bean.

It is not soo difficult to install 58 inches long x 48 inches wide x 58 Inch-high supporting frame, ground tarps and nets (including instructions, need adult assembly), plant seeds around the base, and observe the vitality of nature on and around as the plants grow.

Buy once and use it every year try different varieties and experiment with the best gift ideas that best suit your planting area. This can be a great choice for kids (and their families) who like outdoor activities, or love nature and gardening, And scientific people. Very suitable for installation in grandparents’ homes for multi-generational activities.

8.8 Reviewer
Adult assembly required

The Inflatable Rolling Wheel ( $95 at the time of publication)

The inflatable roller will prove to be a wonderful action-adventure for your energetic young kids. It has a fun and vibrant rainbow design that is strong enough to support up to 200 pounds.

The child begins to integrate into his environment and develop socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively.

There are many ways to play our large inflatable wheels. Climb in, move it by walking foot to foot, on all fours, or let a friend push you. Stand outside and roll it up from all sides. Lie down and roll on it, like a log rolling downhill. It’s like an outdoor hamster wheel driven by a child!

It is made of durable materials and is designed with reinforced seams to withstand multiple pushes, rolls and rides. The large inflatable inner wheel is an excellent way to engage children’s whole body and actively play.

When they ride in or push it, they move their arms and legs, develop balance, and burn children & calories. Overall its going its not just fun but is just right for growing kids for mental and physical health

9.0 Reviewer
For ages 5 and up

Giant Inflatable Outdoor Easel with Paints ( $42 at the time of publication )

Use this huge outdoor inflatable easel to turn your garden into a charming outdoor art studio for your kid. The set comes with a huge inflatable easel, 4 shaped sponges, a paintbrush, and even 4 1 oz paints-everything you need to start creating.

This easel is great for both indoor or outdoor use. A perfect way to play in the backyard on a sunny day, and indoors on rainy days. Also great for sleepovers, play dates, and family get togethers.

Easel inflates easily with a manual or electric pump (sold separately). And it’s easy to clean—the paint formula has been improved to prevent staining your easel, so just wash the surface off with a garden hose and you’re ready to get creative again! We recommend wearing old clothes when painting; use water and mild dish detergent to remove any temporary paint stains from skin.

Our massive art easel is a great way to inspire kids to ditch the screens and engage in creative play. They won’t even miss their devices once they’re painting, creating, and giggling.

9.0 Reviewer
The easel itself does not stay inflated very long,

Monkey Business Sports Stomp Walkers ( $36 at the time of publication )

Now, with these Sports Stomp Walkers, your child can walk upright like a strong Bigfoot. They are equipped with large soft foam feet that are easy to balance and are designed to support children weighing up to 100 pounds.

Monkey business sports furry bigfoot walkers on stilts. Actually make walking crazy! Hairy Stomp Walkers uses extra-large foam feet to help maintain balance. And the soles of each foot are covered with non-slip rubber pads. Very suitable for indoor or outdoor activities. Which is perfect for kids 5 years and older.

8.9 Reviewer
Set includes 1 pair of stilts, Flexible and durable & indoor/outdoor play
choking hazard-small parts, Not suitable for children under 3 years old

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