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A woman affected by the ‘Snake Plague’ at home just shared a video of Venomous Reptile’s Carnage



A woman suffering from “snake plague” at home shared a video of the massacre of poisonous reptiles. Red-bellied black snake. Sarah Kirkman of TikToker, Australia claimed in the video that there was chaos on the living room floor when she returned home.

Then, he focused his attention on a red-bellied snake perched above the TV, challenging the audience to find the perpetrator.

Kirkman added: “I like to be Australian,” while allowing viewers of the video to see the snake basking in the sun from a window near the TV. Since its release on Sunday, the video has been viewed more than 295,000 times.


Kirkman said she was used to snakes invading her home. He commented in a short video that this is the fourth snake he has seen at home this month.

“It’s official, I have a snake plague,” she declared.

“I came into my laundry room two days ago and heard a loud hissing sound. I looked down and saw another red belly at my feet.”

After calling a snake removal expert and discovering that they were on vacation, Kirkman sought help from a neighbor to take the snake out of his house.


Tiktoker said that she couldn’t wait to seek professional help because she believed the snake was a threat to the pet. The red-bellied black snake is a native Australian venomous snake that can grow up to 4 feet in length. They are the most common snakes in the eastern part of the country.

As we all know, the venom of the red-bellied black snake contains neurotoxins and other toxic components, and its bite can cause serious diseases. A red-bellied snake bite can cause the victim to lose their sense of smell.

The red-bellied snake has nothing to do with any human death, nor is it known that it is particularly hostile. If you encounter snakes at home, WIRES, the Australian Wildlife Rescue Organization recommends not to do what Kirkman did.


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