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Destiny 2: How to get Ager’s Scepter new Exotic trace rifle



After all five Atke Skews have been found in Destiny 2, a new mission will appear in HELM that can be completed.

The deposit of each set generates a recording of the story that Uldren Sov had made for Mara that details what she could accomplish with Agers Scepter, and today’s Mara goes on to explain why she made the decisions she made with Aldern.

There are four different locations to deposit each set of Atlas Skews, so it appears that after the fourth weeks of collecting Atlas Skews, a portal within this area will either grant or link to Agers Scepter.
Currently, the Agers Scepter slot is marked “Unknown” on the Exotic Collections tab. Aside from being the only new weapon in Season of the Lost Stasis, not much is known about Agers Scepter in regards to its perks or what its catalyst will be, outside of what data-miners have found. However, the Focus Lens Seasonal Artifact mod allows Guardians to deal additional damage to stasis-affected combatants, so it appears that Agers Scepter could play a pivotal role in Destiny 2’s final builds, which deal a lot of damage.

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