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Epic Games is appealing the final decision of Epic’s big trial against Apple this year. Last Friday’s ruling had mixed results for the two companies, even though Epic lost most of the points it was trying to collect. Epic boss Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) expressed his thoughts on Twitter, saying that the trial “is not a victory for developers or consumers.” In a series of news, Sweeney stated that Epic would “continue to fight” and later classified the result as a failure.

Epic cannot prove that Apple is the monopolist of mobile games. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers made a decision in last week’s ruling, which means that Apple can continue to operate its App Store as it currently does and continue to cut 30 % Of purchases. The ruling means that Apple has the right to drive Fortnite out of its market, and Epic must surrender 30% of any direct purchase costs it should have paid Apple before it is phased out. rule. Apple can no longer prevent apps from notifying customers of alternative payment options outside of the App Store or linking people to them. It is not clear how Epic will try to overturn last week’s decision.

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