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Fuze Expands Microsoft Teams Integration



Boston – (Business Wire) – Fuze, the leading cloud-based communications provider for modern global company, announced today’s integrations of extended Microsoft equipment to allow the most transparent and efficient workflows among users of Fuze and equipment.

These improvements to the Fuze team portfolio have a new direct routing solution and expanded complementary functionality, improving the general experience of business communications and collaboration in all modalities. With Fuse for teams, customers can improve the experience of their equipment through the safety and reliability of business qualities on a consistent global platform.

ACROSS The modern workforce, many employees must navigate between a range of communications platforms along their workday for internal and external meetings, including Microsoft teams. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this challenge for employees, since organizations now depend on a large number of communication solutions to remain productive in a remote or hybrid work environment. Now, more than ever, knowledge workers, contact center agents, front line workers, executives and end users need a safe and reliable solution, while easy to use and manage.

“In A recent survey of Frost & Sullivan, more than half of the companies are and will use multiple vendor solutions in the foreseeable future, “said Elka Popova, Vice President and Global Director of the Program at Frost & Sullivan.


“That’s why the integrations that offer seamless workflows are increasingly critical. Fuze for teams combines strength in the global voice along with solid and mobile collaborative experiences.”

The key features of the integration of Fuzze expanded Microsoft computers include: New direct routing options: New direct flexible routing (called) through fuzze is now available to users with a license of equipment and for customers that They want all communications, whether meetings, calls or chat, to live within Microsoft Team’s experience, which guarantees that all users may have a voice. Expanded Click-Toonen Functionality: allows customers to use the Microsoft equipment with FUZE calls and meetings at no additional cost. New additional capabilities: Fusion improvements for equipment The add-on gives users the access and control of voicemail.

Call History, Extended contact list capabilities and access to the FUZE Contact Center Agent tab, regardless of whether a user is using direct routing or CK-to connect. “In Fuze, we are committed to bringing together users where they work, which means eliminating as much barriers as possible to efficient and productive workflows that meet all the needs of current communications,” said Rob Scudiere, President and Chief Operating Official in Fuze.

“These integration updates provide users with a flexible and consistent communications experience on FUZE and Microsoft Equiples platforms, while allowing users to mix and match equipment solutions, depending on your case of unique use. This is An important step towards more productive and efficient communications throughout the company “.


Get more information about FUZE for the teams here. About Fuzfuze is a global cloud communications provider for the company. Our Intuitive Unified Communications and Contact Center Platform allows a perfect transition between calls, meetings, chat and sharing power by the architecture of the industry’s leading intelligent cloud.

FUZE allows the digital and distributed workforce to communicate anywhere, at any time and on any device. Founded in 2006, Fuze is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices around the world. For more information, visit

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