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GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Update 2021: What’s new ? Release, Cars, Races, memberships & and much more




The Summer 2021 DLC in GTA Online is focused on car culture, racing, and new robberies, bringing high stakes and high action to the streets of Los Santos. The GTA V online Update adds some of the most requested features, along with new items, quality of life updates, and much more.

GTA Online Los Santos Turner release date

The GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Update arrives TODAY, July 20, 2021, Expected to release somewhere between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m Eastern (i.e., 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM IST). By 5:30 AM EST (3 PM IST) on the day of release.

GTA Los Santos Tuners update: New races and cars 

While much of the new stuff is centered around the new LG Car Meet, there are a couple of new race series available away from the underground car scene

Test Track (inside LS Car Meet)

A new test track is being unveiled that will allow gamers to race without interference from the cops or pedestrians.

  • Head-to-Head : A one-on-one ‘short format race’ where one challenges another player to a race back and forth across the LS Car Meet Test Track space.
  • Scramble: Where up to four players race to hit 20 checkpoints.
  • Time Trials: Test of a competitor’s individual speed over a set distance. Space features up to 30 racers at once, you cant communicate during the competition.
  • Solo Test Track: You have the freedom to have a fun time with your friends or opponents or even choose to ride alone.

Test Rides:


Try out a bunch of cars you don’t own. There’s a huge Test Track inside the warehouse, where you can try out Test Rides.

New Cars:

Rockstar is bringing in a total of 17 new cars in GTA Online over the summer Los Santos Tuners, you can find 10 of those now that the Los Santos tuners patch 1.57 update.

Here are 10 new cars coming at launch


Click Here to watch: GTA V online new cars with images

  • Karin Calico GTF
  • Annis Euros
  • Vapid Dominator GTT
  • Dinka RT3000
  • Obey Tailgater S
  • Karin Futo GTX
  • Vulkar Warrener HKR
  • Annis ZR350
  • Dinka Jester RR
  • Annis Remus

New Races:

image: rockstar

There are a couple of new race series available away from the underground car scene:

  • Street Races Series: Delivers with exactly bruising competition on creative tracks on the streets of Los Santos’ most attractive neighborhoods.
  • Pursuit Series: A more open-ended experience, checkpoints are well spaced throughout the map to encourge custom routes, you’ll be competing against your opponents and LSPD on your pursuit (4-16 players)
  • Sprint: Sprint offers a point to point challenge in Freemode essentially a drag race for up to (2-4) other players in a reckless race from the LS Car Meet out to various locations like LSIA and back.

According to Sources Go-Kart Races might also be added in the upcoming weeks.


This is a new underground car meet area adder in GTA ONLINE LOS TUNERS UPDATE 2021

A graffitied warehouse on the edge of town in Cypress Flats can be noticed the sound of engines revving, and with a finish line on the road outside, where you can show off your customized rides and link up for car-centric missions.

The LS Car Meet has a good vibes only policy, so you just do not need to worry there won’t be any disturbance by the police, and weapons (or weaponized vehicles) as they are not allowed in that area.


The LS Car Meet Membership:

image: rockstar

You can cough up GTA$50,000 for a Car Meet Membership which awards you additional Features and privileges.

A new Reputation progression with new benefits unlocking after each Level. You can Earn Rep by participating in (and winning) races, daily login bonuses, remaining on the Test Track, and even just hanging out at the Car Meet.


  • Test Rides in the Test Track.
  • Prize Ride Challenges: Complete special challenges for a chance to win unique cars.
  • Free Entry into Car Meets.
  • Permanent 5% modding discount at your owned Auto Shop.
  • The option to set the LS Car Meet as a spawn location when entering GTA Online.
  • LS Car Meet Members who join from a Social Club Crew can gain additional items and features, such as a Property Crew Emblem for their Auto Shop.
  • When you reach Reputation Level 20, you unlock the ability to create a Private Takeover to decorate the Car Meet space, with customizable lighting and banner colors (requires a ticket that costs $50,000)
  • You have access to a range of special shops and features, including the Merch Shop, Tattoo Shop, and the Modding Area, you can show off your customizations to other players
  • Level up your street racing Reputation to unlock new car parts, gear, modes, and can even hold private car meets.


image: rockstar

Auto shop property is the answer to run a bit of legitimate modification business. You can now acquire one of the new and fully customizable Auto Shops with a selection from 5 different locations. Rather than paying at auto shops you can right away modification business, while robbery Contracts or multi-part missions.

Features available at Auto Shop:

  • Exotic Exports List: List of 10 cars to steal, solo or with other players, recieve a large payment if the full batch is stolen and delivered.
  • Modding Bay: For customizing personal vehicles, styles, tints, names and much more with the bay also accessible by other players who are looking to mod their cars. Auto Shop owners have the option to purchase an additional car lift to boost customer mods as well.
  • Mechanics: Additional staff members to help run the business by delivering customer vehicles.
  • Vehicle Storage: For up to 10 car garage storge.
  • Personal Quarters: An optional player launch point with a bed, wardrobe and gun locker.


image: rockstar

We have now New robbery missions, called “Contracts“, available from our Auto Shop Job Board. They consist of two planning missions in Free Mode, followed by a final job to close the contract.

Six Contracts are available at launch, with two more being added in the future.

  1. The Superdollar Deal
  2. The Bank Contract
  3. The ECU Job
  4. The Prison Contract
  5. The Agency Deal
  6. The Data Contract

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