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How to get Mythic Venom and Carnage Symbiotes in Fortnite



Carnage is in Tier 100 of this season’s pass. If you just can’t wait to use Carnage’s power, Epic Games has a solution for you they have added symbiote weapons to Fortnite the battle royale game for players to find. Here’s what you are looking for.

How to find the Carnage And Venom Symbiotes?

You don’t have to search the entire map for Symbiote Vennom or Carnage. After the first storm circle appears during a match, each of the symbiote symbols will be marked on the in-game map.

So you won’t be able to see symbiots on the map just right after jumping off the bus. So you have to wait about 1 minute for the first storm to form, after which the Symobite symbols could be seen in the game map.

How to use a Symbiots?

The symbiote will appear in a canister and is to be extracted in order to gain access to it player. Hold button next to the canister to open it and then the weapon is ready to use. Black Symbiote is for the Venom version whereas red Symbiote is for the Carnage version. and it can be used to destroy walls or bushes etc. Not only this but it can be used against opponents but it might not give them much damage.



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