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How to register as a VIP in GTA Online



GTA really knows how to constantly engage their players in the game so they keep on coming up with some cool updates. In order to start a criminal organization, you need to register as a VIP and earn dome real cash.

How to become VIP in GTA Online

This is one of the most frequently asked questions so VIPs and Bodyguards need to work together for completing different challenges so they could earn money and RP.

You don’t need to pay cash with in-game currency but you need to have total cash of at least $1 million in your GTA bank account to start.

Once you have this much amount you can start


1. Open the interaction menu in GTA 5 and access ‘SecuroServ’.

2. Now From this menu, you can straight away register as a VIP.

3. Once you are done with this, now name your organization.

4. Now interaction menu will have the ‘SecuroServ VIP’ option, where you can start special missions.


Hooray, you have successfully registered as a VIP.

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