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How to save game in Outer Wilds



Overall Outer Wilds is a pretty impressive game. You just have to figure out things yourself, you constantly move planet to planet. Exploring the solar system you gather clues to find answers to life’s big questions. You really don’t want to lose your game progress when it comes to such a game. Saving your game in Outer Wilds might get a bit trickier for some. So here’s a simple guide for you guys.

Save Game in Outer Wilds

So getting things straight can you save the game manually? Unfortunately, the straight answer is “NO”. So you just have to do things another way around. Is there any Autosave system lets check it out.

In order to answer life’s big question, you need to get the clues before the sun explodes. The time loop lasts 20 minutes. Outer wild saves your game once the loop triggers and sun goes supernova.

The otherway is you can choose to die if you are in hurry and rest would be done by game itself. It should auto save your game progress. You can choose to die by any means, may it be waiting for oxygen tank to ran out. Consider falling off from ship without suit or by throwing yourself in Blackhole.


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