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How to start a Special Cargo mission in GTA Online



Double your income in Special Cargo mission in GTA Online

This week is another great week in GTA Online, where players can bring some hefty amount of in GTA Dollars in the game and use them to buy nice rides from many merchants. With GTAO. Watch this week and start playing for the first time!

You will receive double GTA $ and RP for special freight sales missions and all VIP tasks and challenges. In addition, you’ll earn Triple GTA $ and RP in every air race and stunt race that are created by Rockstar. Ultimately, Double GTA wins $ & RP after Playing the Inch by Inch Adversary Mode.

Discounts in GTA Online this week

In this week we have Nebula Turbo vehicle as Lucky Wheel Podium There’s a 50% discount on All Hydraulics. Real estate discounts are as high as 40% at the last 35% discount for special cargo warehouses.
GTA Online players who successfully link their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming can earn GTA $ 100,000 just by playing this week.

Prime Gaming members will also receive special discounts such as 35% off Dinka RT3000 and 65% off Lampadati Casco until October 20th. So get ready GUYS.


GTA 5 Special Cargo Mission Guide

To start a special cargo mission online in GTA, players must have a CEO and purchase a special cargo warehouse. After joining as CEO, they can start their mission from their office laptop.
Players can purchase GTA Online warehouses in any of 22 locations in Los Santos. Warehouses come in three sizes: small, medium and large. They all have different total capacities for storing products.

At the beginning of the mission, they need to collect warehouse equipment. To collect consumables, players can steal them from locations on the map or buy them on the SecuroServ website.
Players have the option to purchase up to 3 boxes of products, consider buying in bulk to get crates at a lower price. One box costs $ 2,000, two boxes cost $ 8,000, and three boxes cost $ 18,000. If the player has stock, you need to export the product. To make some hefty amount of GTA money export the products. This is where players make money. Purchased or stolen items must be delivered to the designated location.

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