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Overwatch Summer Games 2021 announced: All new skins for Symmetra, Mei, and Ashe



Overwatch Summer Games is beginning tomorrow, Date 20 July. The company has already teased skins for Mei, Ashe, and Symmetra.

In the Twitter post, we can see new skins featuring Symmetra as a mermaid, Ashe and Bob in casual beachwear, and Mei as a vintage ice cream parlor worker. A series of tweets revealed legendary skins and gave them names: Mermaid Symmetra, Poolside Ashe, and Sprinkles Mei.

The event will also bring back seasonal content like the Lúcioball game mode and event-exclusive cosmetic items from previous years. The exclusive brawl has been paired with the Summer Games event. That 3v3 mode and the 2020 games introduced a variant called Lucioball Remix. We might have new challenges or bonus content for Summer Games 2021, which will run for around 20 days.

Checkout All new skins for Symmetra, Mei, and Ashe


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