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Pokemon Go Fest 2021: Everything about Hoopa you need to know right now



Everything we know about Hoopa in Pokémon Go

There are some great rewards up for grabs throughout the day, but there’s one possible encounter that has left some players feeling a little confused. The Strange Rings special research in Pokémon Go might have nothing to do with Hoopa, along with this Pokémon’s appearance on the loading screen, hints at Hoopa arriving in the game.

Hoopa Confined is known to have the power for warping both time and space using the rings on its body, with its other form, Hoopa Unbound, apparently able to bend dimensions to its will. Allowing the Pokémon to send both people and objects to far-off places. Both in the games and in the anime, Hoopa has used these abilities to muster Legendary Pokémons.

Hoopa is a Mythical Pokémon from Gen 6 and has two forms – Hoopa Confined and Hoopa Unbound. This change in form also changes Hoopa’s type, taking it from a psychic and ghost-type Pokémon.

Hoopa confined
Hoopa unbound

Hoopa Confined and Hoopa Unbound.

Hoopa is categorized as both the mischief and djinn Pokémon. In the mainline games, Hoopa’s form is changed through the use of an item called the Prison Bottle. Hoopa can only maintain its Unbound form for three days.

image: Niantic

During day two, Professor Willow mentions the rings making Pokémon appear, referring it some surprise Special Research titled “Strange Rings.” Hoopa has still not appeared, but we see Hoopa in the game any time soon.


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