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Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Battle Pass: Rewards & all tiers



Season 5 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is now over, and we have everything you need to know about the current battle pass.

Every new season of “Call of Duty” brings a new battle pass. Community Grown as expected. Season 5 is no exception. There are 100 tiers of new materials to unlock.

The full set of free and premium gifts provided by the Battle Pass are now available at the beginning of the new season. This time, there are many things to look for, from weapon blueprints to Ultra-Rarity Operator Skins.

Here’s Everything you need to know about the Season 5 Battle Pass in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War right now.


Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass: Price & Bundle

When it comes to the current battle pass, there are multiple options, just like past seasons. First of all, players only need to roam on the free track to use various new features. However, there are two advanced options available.

Players can purchase the regular version of the Season 5 Battle Pass for 1,000 CoD points. This will put you at tier 0 but will unlock advanced tracks, giving you new unlocks up to tier 100. Purchase 2,400 CoD points of the Battle Pass pack as an alternative way to gain a lead. On most systems, this will give you 20 Tier skips, while on PlayStation, it will give you 25 Tier skips.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you can pass 100 tiers, the Season 5 Battle Pass will effectively recoup the cost. In exchange for completing the Battle Pass, you will receive 1,300 CoD points. This allows you to effectively purchase basic battle passes season by season without spending additional CoD points. In addition, players who purchase the Warrior Pass in advance will also receive additional commander skins. If you purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass before August 31st, Kitsune will unlock the legendary operator skin “Kyubi”.

Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass New guns

As in previous seasons, the current Battle Pass adds new weapons to the combination of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. The Season 5 Battle Pass provides the latest guns and new blueprints.


EM2 Assault Rifle

The EM2 Assault Rifle is a powerful weapon with precision. This weapon is included on the 15 tier of the Season 5 Battle Pass.


TEC-9 is a brand new SMG that stands out due to its high rate of fire and innovative accessories. Although it was originally a fully automatic weapon, it can be switched to burst mode. Reaching upon Tier 31 you will find this weapon.

Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass Weapon Blueprints

An amazing 20 blueprints have been added to Season 5, as is the Battle Pass for Season 4. From legendary options to Ultra Tier blueprints, there are many that can be unlocked. Here are some highlights of the Season 5 Battle Pass.

Tier 5: Great Emperor – Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint


Tier 55: Red Torpedo – Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint

Tier 85: Death Angel – Legendary Tactical Rifle Blueprint

Tier 95: Geomatik – Ultra-Rarity Assault Rifle Blueprint

Cold War & Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass: all tiers & rewards

Starting at Tier 0, players can immediately access the new Season 5 Operator Kitsune. The Operator mission is unique to the character and unlocks many decorations. At Tier 19, you can get a “mind game” finishing technique, and at Tier 50, you can get Baker’s scuba diver skin. As you might guess, 100 Tier provide the most important incentive. The first is Kitsune’s Ultra Rare Operator Skin, which adds light patterns to his armor and mask. Completing the Battle Pass also unlocks the legendary SMG blueprint, vehicle appearance, and Season 5 badges.


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