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When will Aloy come in Genshin Impact?



Genshin Impact to get a free playable character that’s familiar to many PlayStation players.

Genshin Impact upcoming Event “Saviour From Another World” will feature Aloy, the leading character of the Guerrilla’s Horizon Zero Dawn, who will be joining Genshin Impact as an exclusive 5-star Cyro character, She’ll have a variety of ice-based abilities as she has Cyro vision, along with a special 4 Star Bow. – yet miHoYo (developer) hasn’t detailed much about the abilities.

Aloy would be available to players with PS4 and PS5 after the version 2.1 update(date not confirmed) goes live. Playstation players will just have to log in on their consoles. She’ll be free for everyone after the scheduled maintenance 2.2 update.

The free character Aloy will be arriving on PC and Mobile in the 2.2 updates via in-game mail-your adventure rank should be 20 or above, which will begin on October 13th.


NOTE: Minimum Adventure Rank should be 20 or above.

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